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Love since childhood

There once was a young couple. They knew each other since childhood and were best friends. When both grew up and knew what the word 'love' meant, they have fallen in love with each other and found each other. One day the boy came in with sad news. ,, I'm doing a year abroad. You know what that means ... " he hugged her, without saying a word and disappeared. She ran after him and hugged him from behind. ,, I 'll wait for you. Please come back to me intact. I love you. " Those were the last words she had said to him . Now five years have passed without news of Jack ( so was the boy called ) . She was desperate and was worried at the same time, but he has not reported over the years. But she firmly believed in his return. At the time his family moved to another city , so she had no contact with his family,too.... Meanwhile more years have passed after Jack and she had separated. It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday in the summer. The sky was clear and the sun was shining so beautifully. She had decided to make a little tour on the beach before she knew it, she had arrived at the tree where Jack reveals his love to her. Both had at the time, buried under the tree , two labels . One of Jack and one from her. This should be a proof of love, of the two. After a year , Jack's return , the labels should be dug up again,,but he didn't return. She sat down, next to the spot where they had buried it and closed her eyes. ,,Hi Lissy." Came a deep voice. She opened her eyes and could not believe who she saw before her as with happiness and joy. ,,Hello Mr. Wilson. I'm glad to meet you here. How are you? And Jack is back already? He has barely registered with me since his year abroad." ,,Lissy ... Jack never arrived in New Zealand. His plane, in which he sat is crashed 8 years ago .. " She stood rooted to the spot and could not believe what she had just heard. Her whole body was shaking and she started to cry. Mr. Wilson took her in his arms and comforted her ,,I'm sorry. We got the message after we have moved. I had lost from stress and chaos, your address, and could not tell you this. I'm so sorry. " After a while she calmed down and decided to dig up the notes. ,,Dear Lissy. It is indescribable how happy I am after i have met you. You're the best thing that could ever happen to me. We had ups and downs, good and bad times. I am sure that this one year we will not be a hurdle. On the contrary, it will only bring us closer. Lissy, I want to be the man by your side. The man, who makes you happy. The man,who makes the breakfast every morning and brings it to the bed. Listening to you, if you have problems. And the most important thing ist..I want to be the father of your children. I want you to be the happiest woman. Will you marry me? " This was the last thing she got from him and the only thing she said with a bright smile and crying tears was, ,,yes Jack, I'll do!"
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